From: Ranjanben Govindbhai Makwana, At. Po. Gibpura village, Block Sanand, District, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Current-Sola Bridge –Ahmedabad, Mob. No.- 8488920937

Date:   18 / 12 / 2015

To, The Chairman, Shri Thaawar Chand Gehlot, Chairman & Minister (SJ & E), Ambedkar Foundation, 15-Janpath-New Delhi-10001(India)


Ref.  Crime reg. no. I-33/14 in Sanand Police station under IPC 376, 366, 363 and Sc/St (PoA) act , 3(2)5, on dated 09/03/14 , Ahmedabad district.

I am Ranjanben Govindbha Makwana. My application is pending before the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation for the last seven months which is forwarded with all documents by the social welfare department, Gujarat, but I didn’t get any relief from the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation which are given to the rape victim.

I am 15 years old scheduled caste rape victim. I am from Gibpura village, Sanand block, Ahmedabad district, Gujarat. I came to know that the Government of India assists rape victims who are coming from scheduled caste communities all over India. My details are given below. I am seeking relief under the scheme of  DR. AMBEDKAR NATIONAL RELIEF TO THE SCHEDULED CASTE VICTIMS OF ATROCITIES through  the Dr. Ambedkar Foundation.

1. State/province:  Gujarat
2. Address of the victim Gibpura village, Sanand block, Ahmedabad district  , Gujarat.

Currently-Sola bridge, Ahmedabad

3. Date when the offence was recorded: 09/03/2014 in the Sanand Police Station.
4. Age of the victim at the time of the offence: 15 year currently
5. Details of the offence (were the perpetrators known to the victim beforehand, what kind of offence was committed, etc.) Ranjanben Govindbhai Makwana , aged 15, resident of Gibpura village, Sanand block, Ahmedabad district,  she was kidnapped  and raped by the accused. She  lodge an FIR against accused 1.Aslambhai Asardbhai Pathan , under  Crime reg. No. I-33/14 under IPC 363,366, 376 and Sc/St (PoA) act , 3(2)5,  dated 09/03/14 in Sanand Police station Ahmedabad district, Gujarat
5. Was the offence reported to the police? Yes: Police reported the case


6. What was the general experience of the treatment by police? Helpfulness; willingness to file a report; willingness to undertake investigative measures; etc.: Police lodged an FIR and started investigation, the accused was arrested immediately and now the victim is seeking relief from the  Dr. Ambedkar foundation
7. Reasons for choosing not to report the offence (such as that the victim believed she would face discrimination or that her claim would not be taken seriously):  

Police reported the case and accused arrested but still proper sections of IPC and sections of POCSO are not Invoked in FIR. And also my statement not recorded before the Judge as per as Cr.pc.164

8. Did prosecution go ahead? No
9.  Demands were made before the state and Central Authority 1.     Relief under   DR. AMBEDKAR NATIONAL RELIEF TO THE SCHEDULED CASTE VICTIMS OF ATROCITIES

2.     Invoked proper sections of IPC and POCSO in the FIR

3.     Make statement before the JMFC Judge under Cr.PC-164.

4.     Socially, economically, and mentally rehabilitation  to me  and my  family.

10. What were the reasons given for not going ahead with prosecution? Pending before the Sanand JMFC court not committed in district and session court Ahmedabad.  I am still waiting for Justice not delivered.   ,


Please send me rape relief by Dr. Ambedkar foundation as per as rules. I am awaiting relief from  Delhi.

My all the documents are submitted in the Foundation office by Social welfare department, Government of Gujarat.

Thanks for the cooperation,

Ranjanben Govindbhai Makwana

Rape survivor