Name of Complainant: Vasharambhai Balubhai Sarvaiya, resident of Mota Samadhiyala village, Una block, Gir Somnath district

Date of Incident: 11/06/2016, time: 10:00 in the morning

FIR lodge on 11/6/2016 Station, time 19:30 Station no. diary no. 16, 19:30

Police Station: Una Police Station

District: Gir Somnath

Place: Mota Samadhiyala village outside of village and Una city

Crime reg. no. 127/2016 , Sections: IPC, 307, 395, 324, 323, 504, B.P.A. 135 and 3(2) 5 ofSc/St (PoA) act

Name of accused as per as FIR:

  1. Promodgiri Rameshgiri, resident Simar village, Una
  2. Balvant Dhirubhai, Una city
  3. Ramesh Bhagvan, Samter village, Una block
  4. Rakesh, Bhimpara, Una city
  5. Rashik, Bhimpara, Una city
  6. Nagji Daya Ahir, Bediya village, Una block

Name of Victims:

  1. Vasharambhai Balubhai Sarvaiya, aged 23, resident of Mota Samadhiyala, Una, Gir Somnath
  2. Balubhai Virabhai Sarvaiya, resident of Mota Samadhiyala, Una, Gir Somnath
  3. Kuvarben Balubhai Sarvaiya, resident of Mota Samadhiiyala, Una, Gir Somnath
  4. Devashibhai Kalabhai Babariya, resident of Bediya village, Una, Gir Somnath
  5. Ashokbhai Bijalbhai Sarvaiya
  6. Becharbhai Ugabhai
  7. Rameshbhai
  8. Complainant Vasharambhai’s contact no. 9909229061

Complain written by: K.B. Chudasama, Head constable, Bucal no. 610

Una Police Sub Inspector: N.U. Zala, Police station no. 02875-224766

Investigation officer: Kiritkumar Joshi, Dy.S.P.(SC/ST Cell), Gir Somnath district

D.S.P. Gir Somnath: H.R. Chaudhary

Read in Gujarati: HERE the FIR registered on July 11, and HERE complete case details, and HERE about sections not invoked