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About this site

Following the July 11, 2016 Una incident, in which Dalit youths were beaten up first in Mota Samadhiyali village, and later in Una town, there is a huge curiosity across India about Dalits in Gujarat. Forming less than seven percent of the Gujarat population, the oppression of Dalits in Gujarat  had for long failed to get electoral attention of the political parties, despite the effort by several voluntary organizations led by Navsarjan Trust, to organize, educate agitate them for their right to equality — social, political and economic.  With branches all over Gujarat, Navsarjan Trust has been foremost in highlighting issues of social justice and discrimination in both rural and urban areas.

Yet, extreme forms of oppression have continued unabated. Especially in rural areas, Dalits are subjected to the worst types of  atrocities, which often become fatal as and when they demand justice from the dominant castes. The result is, Dalits have been forced to migrate from tens of villages, many of them even today living in make-shift shanties.

In this site, an effort has been made to provide archival details of atrocities against Dalits and the fight they have put up against them in various forms, ranging from making representations to government authorities to holding demonstration.